Welcome to Sunshine & Saddles where I hope you'll take the time to check out some of my photography including some special equine events and clinics that I have attended. I prefer taking story-telling candid images to studio-style portrait photography and as such my "galleries" tend to be rather prolific. Hopefully you will enjoy the relationships witnessed and can be "there" in that moment again thru the images. Please feel free to email me with any questions as this is a new venture for me. Enjoy!

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Leo of Rosemary Farm 3/3/13

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Created 25-Oct-13
Modified 25-Oct-13
Leo of Rosemary Farm 3/3/13

Equine Photography class 10/3/10

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Created 1-May-12
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Equine Photography class  10/3/10

Guestbook for Sunshine & Saddles
Cynthia Taylor-Hollandbeck(non-registered)
Absolutely LOVE your photography! I follow your work via Rosemary Farm. You always capture the most precious of moments. Thank you, for letting me spend time with the horses, through your photography!

Noblesville, IN
kim loomis(non-registered)
love hores but don't ride any more love to take of them.
Very nice work . I enjoyed looking
Barbara Bliss(non-registered)
Just stopping by to see all the horsey photographs!! You are such a wonderful person and so very giving. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful horses and for giving your time and energy to such a wonderful organization, as well as others.
You supply one of the greatest gifts of all ... MEMORIES ♥

All my best. It was a pleasure meeting you and sharing some fun times...here's 'til next year! ♥
Monika Martin(non-registered)
Hi Laurie it was very nice to meet you today! You have many amazing photos on here! Thank you for sharing them with everyone , keep up the great work. We will see you next wed :)
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